Hi, I'm Pat Narciso!

I use every bit of technology to amplify messages of hope, inspiration and possibility... and if I do my job well: these messages resonate within you; they will intrinsically motivate you; and as a natural byproduct, they generate further happiness in your extraordinary life.

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Bolder Media Group

Lorem Ipsum I'm the Director of Technology at Bolder Media Group. We're a team of good friends and Emmy Award-winning TV and radio people who produce and license active-lifestyle and wellness content for the Web, TV and Radio.

Growing Bolder

Bolder Media Group produces award-winning, nationally distributed content, including Growing Bolder TV and Growing Bolder Radio. We like to tell stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Moto X Status

I'm a big fan of just about everything Motorola.

Last Hit
My Motorola X 'pinged' the Internet at 2021-01-29 23:19:49.
My battery was about 82%.

The physical location of the phone is known (within 23 meters), but if you want to know where I am-- call me.